Juan Pablo Sandoval Alcocer

Juan Pablo

My publications may be found on the common online resources : Google Schoolar, DBLP.

I love work with people, if you wanna work with me, please drop me a line to: juampiboy (at) gmail.com

Current responsibilities

Since June 2018, I'm full-time professor at UCB (Universidad Catolica Boliviana - "San Pablo"). I founded SemanTics S.R.L, a company that offers specific tools for Software analysis. I'm member of the Pharo community.


My research interests lie in software engineering, more specifically in the fields of software maintenance, mining software repositories, software performance and software visualization. I currently follow two main research tracks: 1) mining static and dynamic information of source code repositories to understand and improve different aspects of the development process and 2) discover approaches, techniques, and tools to improve the way that we build and maintain software. I have additional interests in empirical software engineering and programming languages.


Research Community Implications


Open Source Projects